Getting there and getting around

To visit our island, you can float, fly or walk. To float here, you’ll come by boat on the water taxi or ferry; both operate during the sailing season, from spring to late fall. To fly here, you'll take the helicopter, which takes over service when crossing by boat is difficult or when the ice hinders boats but is not yet thick enough to walk on. To walk to the island, you can take the ice bridge that is marked out in winter or, once each summer, join in the Sentier de la Bouette and walk across at low tide. Once on the island, the best ways to get around are walking, biking or the shuttle.

Le traversier

Transportation by sea

Société Inter-Rives

Traversier la Richardière (ferry service)
Information and reservations:
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Airborne transportation

Location Vélos

Ground transportation

Shuttle Service on the Island

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Bicycle Rentals

Régulars bicycles : Michael Fraser 418 860-7425

Électricals bicycles and golf cart : 581-500-3196

Location Vélos

Ice Bridge

Informations : 1-418-898-3287



Route Distance (Km) Durée à pieds Durée en vélo
From the ferry dock to the lighthouse 2 km 40 min 15 min.
From the ferry dock to the Bout d’en bas (eastern tip) 3 km 1 hr. 20 min.
From the Bout d’en haut (western tip) to the Bout d’en bas (eastern tip) 13 km 4.5 hr. 45 min.
From the ferry dock to the Bout d’en haut (western tip) 10 km 3.5 hr. 30 min.