Nature, aventure et découvertes

Nature, Adventure and Discovery


Route Distance (Km) Durée à pieds Durée en vélo
From the ferry dock to the lighthouse 2 km 40 min 15 min.
From the ferry dock to the Bout d’en bas (eastern tip) 3 km 1 hr. 20 min.
From the Bout d’en haut (western tip) to the Bout d’en bas (eastern tip) 13 km 4.5 hr. 45 min.
From the ferry dock to the Bout d’en haut (western tip) 10 km 3.5 hr. 30 min.
Paysages grandioses

Magnificent Landscapes

As you explore Île Verte, you’ll be immersed in its peaceful beauty and discover its stunning shorelines that open onto breathtaking landscapes.

Cyclisme sur l'Île-Verte


There’s nothing more pleasant than a bike ride on the island’s roads. It's the best way to explore the island from tip to tip. At 13 kilometres in length, the island is easily accessible even to less-experienced cyclists. What a pleasure to pedal along its winding roads, refreshed by a light sea breeze while admiring the beautiful landscapes of the southern shore of the St. Lawrence. On the north side of the island, the roads lead to the Île Verte lighthouse, a must-see attraction, and to magnificent panoramic views of the mountains of the Charlevoix and the waters of the St. Lawrence estuary.

Randonnée pédestre sur l'Île-Verte


The hidden treasures of the island can only be discovered on foot. Whether following the roads or wandering the shoreline, you can contemplate the exceptional land- and seascapes of this little corner of paradise. For the more experienced, we suggest a hike in the wilder part of the island, along the north shore of the island facing the St. Lawrence estuary. From this vantage point, the panoramic views are among the most spectacular in Quebec. Don’t forget your camera!

Flore sauvage

Wildflowers and the Seaside

While hiking on the island, you'll have the opportunity to see beautiful wildflowers and plants. The island’s landscapes are filled with seaside wildflower species such as sea bluebells, the island’s emblematic flower that grows on the north shore, blue flag irises, beach peas and stunning thickets of wild roses whose beauty and fragrance enchant the passerby.

Faune Marine

Wildlife of the Land and Sea

Despite its small size, Île Verte has quite a variety of wildlife, including large land mammals like deer and moose, and small game and fur-bearing animals such as foxes, hares and squirrels. In addition, the island is the perfect vantage point from which to observe marine mammals such as whales, porpoises, belugas, grey seals and harbour seals.

Faune Aviaire

Birds of the Land and Sea

Amateur birdwatchers and experienced ornithologists alike will be amazed by the wide variety of bird life on the island. A total of 365 different species of birds have been identified here. Several types of warblers and ruffed grouse are common, and both great grey and snowy owls occasionally favour us with a visit. Numerous species of waterfowl frequent the island and the surrounding waters, including great blue herons, often seen on the south shore, and small families of common eider that feed along the north shore. As always, birds and wildlife should be observed but not disturbed.

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