Where to eat?

Nourished by the sea, the island has inherited its flavours. For breakfast, lunch, picnics or dinner, whether at a restaurant, in a meadow or on a beach or a rocky outcrop, here’s your guide to the island’s eateries and catering establishments. They’ll entice you with delicious culinary discoveries. Chanterelle mushrooms, fresh berries, smoked fish, samphire from the shoreline marshes and slow-cooked dishes are sure to delight. Some establishments are open year-round upon request. Call to find out more.

Poissonnerie La Bonne Bouffe

  • Poissonnerie & produits locaux

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Poissonnerie La Bonne Bouffe

OUVERTURE SAISONNIÈRE - Mai à novembre. Fumoir traditionnel, saumon fumé, esturgeon, poissons frais, tartes aux petits fruits de l’Île et plusieurs autres produits faits maison.

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